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Registration and Licensing Services

In the establishment of the business venture, the first step is to give birth to a business entity. The business registration and tax registration are the primary tasks to initiate any type of business. Legal forms of business entities require registration and licensing services to register as a sole proprietorship, partnership firms, and companies. The adoption of legal form for business entities is decided by analyzing the objectives and various considerations. The considerations include the nature of the business, investment, capital requirements, size of intended business regulatory requirements, and taxation, etc.

Company Registration in Pakistan

The process of company registration in Pakistan should be accomplished to show the presence of a company as a legal entity. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is the only regulatory authority in Pakistan that grant access to company registration for business entities by the Government of Pakistan.

Mandatory Steps involved in Company Registration in Pakistan

At top priority, organizations have to choose a unique name for their company and get approval for the name from SECP. So, after getting the approval for the company name, businesses have to submit the fee for the registration of their company. Furthermore, they have to submit all the required documents to SECP. Also, ensure the registration for income, sales and professional taxes. Business incorporation services require;

  • Company name selection & approval from SECP
  • Company registration fee submission
  • Submission of documents to SECP
  • Register for Income, Sales, and Professional taxes

Partnership Registration

ADVIS has resources to prepare the draft of partnership deed for unregistered firms, registered firms, the association of persons (AOPs), and partnership business. Other than this, the members of the registration department at ADVIS show their availability for correspondence, presentation, hearing, or replying to the registrar of the firm for removal of observations issued during the firm registration, partnership business, and AOPs.

More than the above, with managing the registration process, the arrangement of physical presentation for partners is also the part of the registration service. Also, members of ADVIS help their clients as witnesses before firm registrar for firm registration, partnership business, and Association of Persons (AOPs).

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