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We offer a wide range of tax services including corporate and individual tax planning and compliance, as well as global projects that involve designing and implementing tax strategies to help produce sustainable long-term tax savings.


  • Corporate Taxation
  • Personal Taxation
  • Indirect Taxes
  • Transfer Pricing

Business goals in a tax-efficient manner

We help local and multinational businesses achieve their business goals in a tax-efficient manner, both locally and globally. Understanding the tax impact on business operations and transactions in multiple jurisdictions is vital for a company’s survival. We provide tax consulting, advisory and cross-border restructuring support services from conceptualization of the tax strategy through analysis of tax and regulatory implications of transactions and finally implementation assistance, from the perspectives of domestic law and the international tax treaty network. With the increasing focus on governance and regulation, tax compliance has never been so important. Compliance failure represents not only a financial risk — financial penalties and possible increase in the tax charge, but also a serious business risk, as it can damage the taxpayer’s reputation with the authorities and the public. To remain competitive, companies are increasingly focusing on their core competencies and activities that create value for the company.


Our range of services in the area of corporate taxation includes:

  • Advisory services including determination of income and charge-ability of tax, exemptions, and withholding tax matters.
  • Advisory services in respect of tax implications of proposed business transactions.
  • Advising tax beneficial restructuring in relation to national and international Mergers & Acquisition transactions.
  • Tax due diligence before mergers and acquisition transactions in relation to the corporate income tax.
  • Corporate tax compliance services relating to corporate taxation.
  • Representations before field tax authorities.
  • Representations before the Federal Board of Revenue, the apex regulatory body in Pakistan.
  • Representations in appeals.
  • Representing clients at different tax administrative forums.

Personal Taxation

Individuals of high net-worth are prone to tax default and inefficient planning, which results in higher incidence of tax. The situation becomes more critical in view of their varying interests and sources of income.

Although, tax compliance is the responsibility of the individual concerned, but generally organizations do provide such services to the employees, as an additional benefit. To help reduce the risk of default for high net-worth individuals and to assist organizations in fulfilling their assumed responsibilities, we provide services, which include:

  • Tax planning for expatriates
  • Compliance services
  • Advisory services to help reduce tax exposure or increase tax saving

Indirect Taxes

Over the past few years, the indirect tax net has spread all over the economy, covering almost all sectors of business. Lack of knowledge on the part of tax administrators / tax payers coupled with abrupt changes in law require the provision of timely and effective business advice to help organizations plan and implement the required compliance measures. Our range of services, summarized below, has been designed to meet these requirements for our clients.

  • Facilitating issuance of zero rating, exemption, reduced tax rate or concessionary notification under customs, sales tax and excise duty laws.
  • Assisting the clients over the legal matters in relation to Federal Sales Tax, Provincial Sales Tax on Services, Federal Excise Duty and Custom Duty.
  • Supervision and finalization of assignments involving sales tax / excise system evaluation of various corporate entities which include preparation of audit reports and recommending suggestions for the loopholes in the control system.
  • Formulating tax beneficial business strategies and sales tax planning.
  • Handling tax audits on behalf of clients
  • Handling show cause notices and representing the clients before the tax adjudicating authorities
  • Preparing and contesting appeals before the Customs Tribunal, Appellate Tribunals, Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue, Federal Tax Ombudsman and Federal Board of Revenue.
  • Handling compliance and procedural matters under the indirect tax laws
  • Pre-filing audit and preparation of monthly tax returns
  • Handling refund/drawback matters.

Transfer Pricing

The explosive growth in world trade in recent years, and the resulting increase in cross – border transactions between related parties, has catapulted transfer pricing to the forefront of important international tax issues. MNC’s of all sizes are finding their transfer pricing practices under increased scrutiny by tax authorities. Some transfer pricing regulations for Pakistan are in place and more considered to be introduced in the near future. Presently, under the fair value concept, arm’s length standard is applied on transactions between associates.

Our approach is marked by innovation and the resulting policy is one that is the most practical. It focuses on prices charged for related – party transactions, including inter – company transfer of tangible goods, intangible property, services, loans and leases. It affects nearly every aspect of multinational operations – R&D manufacturing, marketing and distribution, after-sale services, and of course, an organization’s worldwide tax burden.

Our range of services in the area of transfer pricing includes:

  • Detailed functional analysis of selected entities and related industry analysis
  • Comparables and bench-marking analysis exercises
  • Representation before tax authorities for transfer pricing audit defense
  • Management of international transfer pricing projects from Pakistan perspective

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